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Putting a Face on with IM

Christina has a great post about IM, some recent research and setting expectations here: http://christinaslibraryrant.blogspot.com/2005/09/more-on-im-at-reference-desk.html Good stuff: And I was thinking that besides the fact that we?re afraid we?ll scare the customer away? we still need to properly negotiate the question if we?re going to successfully use this service with people we don?t know. The point is that we?re in an unequal power relationship: we have the info the customer needs (customers aren?t known to appreciate the fact that we need to keep ref stats to justify our existence). What?s preventing the IM reference staff from asking more questions? Is […]

Embrace & Experience Web 2.0

I was so happy to see Sherri post about Meebo and include this little phrase: “Hello Web 2.0!” with a link to wikipedia as a definition. (And WOWZA is that some good reading!) So yes, greetings to Web 2.0! Are you ready for it? Has your library looked at blogs? IM? Flickr? And while we are saying hello, take a look at: http://webjunction.org/do/DisplayContent?id=11257 for WebJunction’s overview of public libraries and online community, brought about by new social tools: A new generation of “social software” tools is coming on the scene, and they’re making it easier than ever for people to […]