Travels around Indiana: ILF Meeting

ILF Reference Division Fall Meeting

I was tickled to be on the docket for the Indiana Library Federation Reference Division meeting last Friday with Jessamyn West and some most cool Indiana Librarians. Thanks to Kerry, Scott, Evan and everyone who helped make it such a wonderful experience! Here’s Scott’s take on the day too!


In the drama of the day I didn’t really get to blog, but Marydee Ojala did! Here are some of her posts:

Jessamyn in Indiana:

Hot New Communication Tools for Reference:

This is where it got interesting. Flickr seemed to engage the audience. I clicked, tagged, noted and uploaded on flickr while Jessamyn explained and commented. It was the best part of the day for me:

Finally, I mentioned podcasting when discussing syndicated content:

Oh! And the Cluetrain!

Thanks Marydee! (be sure to take a look at Online Insider…Marydee covers other conferences and will be blogging from London soon!)