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TTW and ALA TechSource Blog

I am pleased to point you all to the ALA TechSource Blog, a new venture from ALA TechSource Publishing, where I will be a contributor. I’m blown away by the folks writing for this blog and honored to be writing with them: Jenny Levine Tom Peters Karen Schneider I hope you’ll give it a look and grab the feed. No worries though: TTW is not going away. I’ll be blogging here as well. As this all plays out and we get the flow of a collaborative blogging environment, I’ll point to the ALA Blog or link from there back here. […]

Attention: Audio Book Download Companies (Updated)

http://www.macminute.com/2005/09/21/forbes-deutsche-back/ Forbes reports: “Due its strong product portfolio, market-share leadership, and the stickiness of iTunes, we believe Apple will continue to dominate this product category,” the bank said, forecasting 31 million iPod units in calendar 2005 and 43 million units in calendar 2006, notes the report. “The firm also believes Apple will continue to drive share gains in the PC market due to the combination of a renewed enthusiasm for Apple’s brand, cutting-edge computer designs, and the superior user experience of Apple’s OS.” I’m all about Apple and the folks who are selling content to libraries getting together to make […]

Travels around Indiana: ILF Meeting

I was tickled to be on the docket for the Indiana Library Federation Reference Division meeting last Friday with Jessamyn West and some most cool Indiana Librarians. Thanks to Kerry, Scott, Evan and everyone who helped make it such a wonderful experience! Here’s Scott’s take on the day too! In the drama of the day I didn’t really get to blog, but Marydee Ojala did! Here are some of her posts: Jessamyn in Indiana: http://www.onlineinsider.net/2005/09/jessamyn-west-in-indiana.html Hot New Communication Tools for Reference: http://www.onlineinsider.net/2005/09/hot-new-communication-tools-for.html This is where it got interesting. Flickr seemed to engage the audience. I clicked, tagged, noted and uploaded […]