Still More Work to Do

Michael Casey, who JUST STARTED BLOGGING in September — wooohoo — commented yesterday on a post from 2004, 10 Things A Library Can Do to Boost their Techie Stuff* (*without breaking the bank), and I wanted to put that comment here because it’s way back in the TTW archives. I couldn’t agree more with what Michael says:

“Looking at this more than a year after posting causes me much frustration and angst when I realize that so many libraries — libraries that can and should have embraced all of these long ago — have yet to adopt more than one or two. Blogs and RSS feeds, especially, seem to be a no-brainer, yet they continue to be difficult projects to push upstream.

It does make me realize the “blogvangelists” I know still have much to do, as well as those that try to point librarians to the wonders of the next wave of collaboration online. What can we do to help? I once suggested to someone from the Indiana State Library that they should buy a big server and give every Indiana library a blog! I wish they would!

Maybe we need to keep plugging away..keep writing and speaking and pointing to the libraries that get these new tools…

Thanks Michael!