Video iPod & the Future

Video iPod

Please read jenny’s excellent post at ALA TechSource!

Texting with Jenny from the UK, I said I just wanted to post a big “DITTO” next to this post.

“All very interesting, but it worries me all the more when all of this is sold directly to the consumer and bypasses libraries. It’s times like this I re-light a candle that Audible will wake up from its coma and bridge the Digital Rights Management (DRM) gap between libraries and iPods. Right now, I believe OverDrive is the only company that lets libraries circulate copyright-protected videos, but of course Overdrive’s Windows-Media-encrypted files don’t work on iPods.”

This is a huge step toward the future of digital entertainment. Years from now, we may look up from our devices (whatever they are) and remember when DVDs ruled and new release days on Tuesdays meant motoring to a big box store or the local library…

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