WIRED: Futurists Pick Top Tech Trends

It’s always good to read a piece called “Futurists Pick Top Tech trends” and apply the trends to how libraries and librarians might change. Take a look at this article in WIRED:


The trends:

Mobile Socialization
R.I.P. Combustion Engine?
Going Green
IT Revolution of 2006

Devices will become simpler to use, possibly without the extra features that gum up gadgets like remotes and handhelds. With that, we’ll come to use or phones more for information, finding friends geographically (“who’s nearby?”) and voice recognition will make tasks easier. We’d better really get a grip on the mobile devices in our work and service.

What do you think? Electric cars and librarians on Segways when the gas combustion engine fades? Green for sure! (Someone please send me a picture of a librarian on a Segway! I searched flickr and got nothing!)

Finally, the last trend points to a convergence of devices and advancements. From the article: “Basically, the explosion will consist of a number of technologies: better screens, improved location technology and highly sophisticated gaming consoles that provide a hub for home entertainment.”

Games! Also a trend to pay close attention to and guess what, the big MLS Gaming Symposium in Chicago is a great place to start! I’ll be there as well folks from my library!