The Online Library User Manifesto at ALA TechSource Blog

Jenny looks at The Social Customer Manifesto, points to Blyberg’s outstanding ILS Customer Bill of Rights and proposes The Online Library User Manifesto.

They all are incredible. I am particularly fond of:

I want to help shape services that I’ll find useful.

That’s the “involve your users from the get-go” part I mentioned here: “Are you planning for a new building or for a new technology initiative? I’m sure your technolust is in check, but are you involving your community from the get-go? Is the project/plan blog keeping folks “in the know” about how their tax dollars, student fees, or funding is being spent?” And letting them comment?

I want to connect with others that share my interests.

One of the best things we can do is understand and embrace virtual communities. We need to build spaces for our users to interact, exchange opinions and learn.

I want to know how your library works.

I could link all day to AADL.

Read Jenny’s’s good stuff to think about. I can’t wait until the rest of her points can be linked to libraries doing innovative things with social tools.

Christopher Carfi points to Jenny and says “Rock On” – hotness