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Prepping ALISE Poster

Thanks to all who took my LIS Bloggers survey. I collected roughly 250 responses from Bibliobloggers from all over the world. So far, the results are very interesting! The questions about why we blog, community and the use of social tools yielded some intriguing data. Watch for more here as I mess with it. One thing that rattled me at first and then seemed so incredibly right, was Steve Lawson’s post about my survey, where he copied his answers out of the survey and into a blog post. Pondering with Dr. O’Connor down at UNT over a great cup of […]

The Online Library User Manifesto at ALA TechSource Blog

http://techsource.ala.org/blog/blog_detail.php?blog_id=96 Jenny looks at The Social Customer Manifesto, points to Blyberg’s outstanding ILS Customer Bill of Rights and proposes The Online Library User Manifesto. They all are incredible. I am particularly fond of: I want to help shape services that I’ll find useful. That’s the “involve your users from the get-go” part I mentioned here: “Are you planning for a new building or for a new technology initiative? I’m sure your technolust is in check, but are you involving your community from the get-go? Is the project/plan blog keeping folks “in the know” about how their tax dollars, student fees, […]