Library 2.0 is not about Technology

The definition of Library 2.0 is still shaking out across the Blogosphere. Jessamyn posts “Library 2.0: How do you share?”

The whole 2.0 thing in general seems to be about using the hive mind and the affordances of technology to synthesize newer, better and more useful systems that then become available for everyone.

And Michael Casey posts Library 2.0 is not about Technology

For me, Library 2.0 is not about technology. Library 2.0 seeks to harvest good ideas from outside and use them to deliver improved and new services, often times in an effort to reach a new target population. Library 2.0 is, at its core, a way of thinking, a way of operating. It’s a framework for integrating change into all levels of library operations. It’s in our effort to reach this new level of service that we will utilize these new, often times Web 2.0, technologies.

Absolutely! Give these posts a read… this discussion is wonderful!