On Gaming, Libraries, Librarians & the Future


I’m sitting in Blogger’s Alley, listening to George Needham from OCLC talk about gamers and libraries.

But inside I’m marvelling at what is actually happening in this room, in Chicago, in December of 2005. This is a moment of watershed proportion. I truly believe that.

These are the conversations that need to be happening – now. These are the services and technologies that need to find their way into our meeting rooms, online presence and into our catalogs. Can you imagine the future ILS that includes components of gaming environments? Can you imagine library signage and services developed for all types of learners, including the non-print learner? Can you imagine a librarian as guide (with an avatar) appearing to help a user navigate the online information the library provides. I hope so.

There is a load of blogging going on here, and presentations will go up soon at http://www.gaminginlibraries.org. Pay attention. Download. Read. Discuss with your staff.

Finally, this needs to be said: We should all thank Jenny Levine for having the foresight and brilliance to make this happen. She and her colleagues at the MLS (Kathryn and others) have created a very special moment in time that will define what happens next for gaming in libraries. The folks assembled here as speakers are at the top of their game and the folks listening and takingnotes and blogging have a mountain of evidence and techniques to go forward.

Readers, pay close attention to gaming and libraries. The time has come.