Ken Smith on Academic Blogging

Ken Smith, who blogs here in South Bend at Weblogs in Higher Education, has published an article about blogging at University Business.

Here’s my favorite quote:

Whether it’s written by a witty cultural studies professor or a dedicated news junkie, a good blog usually includes links to other websites. The blogger quotes from and annotates other blogs in an informal fashion that many a scholar would nevertheless recognize.

Good bloggers do quite a bit of work to present, perhaps even organize, a body of knowledge for their readers, and they write every day. They respond quickly to news and discussions as they unfold across the web. By practice and by design, there is always fresh content at the top of a blog. Experienced bloggers read widely and know most of the other writers who cover their topic; they list the best of these sites in their sidebar. In time, skillful bloggers build a community of readers and writers who focus on their shared concerns.

I’m certain we’ve built community here in the Biblioblogosphere and as I go through the mountain of data from the survey, it’s even more evident.

There are some good bits and hints in the Smith piece, give it a read!