Darien Librarian Blog on Skull Island Climate

I’ve been to point folks to the Darien Library Blogs for sometime, and what better time than now, to highlight this post about AV materials:


King Kong opens today and it’s playing right here in town! Now, the question is, are we determined enough to brave these bone-chilling temperatures and leave the homefires to view the mighty beast? Come on! The reviews are so good, this may turn out to be the rare screen event that launches a classic. Besides, the movie, at more than 3 hours long, will give us ample time to thaw and we can enjoy chills of the spine-tingling variety!

Within sight of the Playhouse, right here at the Library, we’ve got some great new titles on DVD. Released yesterday were the action-packed science fiction thriller The Island, and from Canada, Saint Ralph, a story of adolescence, endurance, faith, and miracles. Also, now out on DVD is The 40-Year-Old Virgin. Dare I say how much I enjoyed this movie? Yes, it’s got some of the crass humor one would expect given the cringe-inducing title, but, this is also a great buddy movie and a sweet, romantic comedy. (Did I mention how funny this movie is?)

Why I like this post:

It taps into a current event (KONG), a local business (the Playhouse), and what the library can also offer for entertainment on a cold Connecticut night.

It highlights new releases with a bit of reviewer’s flair.

The voice is just to perfect! “Cold off the UPS truck”

It highlights that the library gets new releases and gets them out to users ASAP.

Well Done Darien!