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High Tech Junkies

Just a pointer to a CNN piece: “We’re all tech junkies now” The article includes results of a survey about how connected folks are and how much it all costs. What lurks in the background are the folks that don’t have all this access to services and gadgets. That’s where libraries can help: circulating ipods? free wifi, laptops that checkout? Also, a psychologist weighs in on being “too connected.” That’s a vote for balance and unplugging as well.

Library 2.0 Podcast Interview from Norway

Last week I spoke about L2 with Thomas Brevik in Norway who writes the Bibliotek 2.0 blog. Listen to the podcast! http://bibliotek2null.blogspot.com/2005/12/bibliotek-2.html “Library 2.0 is the idea that libraries and librarians need to anticipate what the future needs of users are going to be and for them to plan for collaboration and methods of communication with each other and users using all of the social software we keep reading about….” “We need to go deep within ourselves and decide that yes we can handle constant change…”

Every Library Catalog Needs One of These

The Shifted Librarian: Psssst… Hey, SWAN Libraries! Jenny points to Chris Deweese’s Firefox plug ins. I tried it (even though I’m in Indiana) and it worked flawlessly. I wish we had one for SJCPL! This is HOT on so many levels: It reaches users where they are It’s developed by a programmer in a library consortium – not by the ILS folks (who should be making this type of functionality available to all clients) It’s oh so easy to use!