Top 11 Trends for Organizational Learning

Via Clio Institute Blog again! (Go Gail!)

Open Source
IM/VOIP (Instant Messaging/ Voice Over Internet)
Ambient Information
Mobile Phones as Content Inputs/Outputs
Computer Games driving educational simulations
Growing Training Budgets
More Decentralized College Programs

Can I say how HOT this list is and how important it is for library folk to be experimenting and implementing services based on these trends. Now is a great time to start that committee or team to discuss this list. Even if it’s a small group, it’s a great starting point.

From a training standpoint, it’s time to make classes (either in house or online) available to your librarians on all of the above where training fits. The last two seem to be more organizational than technology-based. Those might be incorporated into the library’s strategic plan and communicated to the staff via the staff weblog, etc.