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Via Clio Institute Blog again! (Go Gail!) http://learningcircuits.blogspot.com/2006/01/top-11-trends-for-organizational.html Google Blogs Wikis Open Source IM/VOIP (Instant Messaging/ Voice Over Internet) Ambient Information Mobile Phones as Content Inputs/Outputs Podcasts Computer Games driving educational simulations Growing Training Budgets More Decentralized College Programs Can I say how HOT this list is and how important […]

Top 11 Trends for Organizational Learning

http://acrlblog.org/2005/11/28/academias-conflicted-reaction-to-blogging/ The conflicted reactions to blogging in higher education are discussed in a good article at Slate titled, “Attack of the Career-Killing Blogs.” It suggests several reasons while academic blogging is looked down upon, including departmental jealousy, that it’s considered a waste of time that should be spent on serious […]

Peer Reviewed Blogs in Academia