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Update: Defining Library 2.0: Is it More than Technology?

Before Holiday break, I posted a list of ten L2 Events of 2005, strictly my opinion and very much a “brain dump.” Steve Lawson, librarian blogger from See Also commented: “I think that “Rock the Shelves” and the Gaming Symposium are fantastic, but I’m not sure how they fit the L2 meme. I have been thinking of L2 as the library version of Web 2.0: lightweight, social computing applications to meet users’ needs when, where, and how they need it. If we include innovative programs for young people like gaming and music, where do we draw the line? Is a […]

Nice Wrap Ups for 2005 & Some Predictions

Such great blog reading this last few days as 2005 rolled into 2006. 2005 was an incredible year professionally, acdemically and personally. Thanks to all I worked with, presented with and just plain got to sit and talk with! I am looking forward to 2006: the end of my PhD coursework, starting my dissertation, more blogging here and for ALA Techsource, publishing the Library Technology Report I’m working on and a few presentations here and there. Here are some nice wrap ups I came across in my aggregator: David Warlick on year end reflections. Steve Lawson on 2005 and technologies, […]