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Good stuff Steve! Somewhat against my better judgement, I thought I’d lift my moratorium on “Library 2.0” and try once more to separate signal from noise. What is the “good work” that the hype/controversy/hostility surrounding Library 2.0 might obscure? Here’s what I got so far: recognizing that patrons have an […]

Steve Lawson on Library 2.0

Great post at OPL Plus! That’s just what I’ve been saying. Our customers don’t want books or articles; they don’t even want information. Our customers want answers to their questions, solutions for their problems. If you provide answers and solutions, you’ll thrive. If you don’t….polish up that resume.

Give Em What They Want!

I’m enjoying Michael Casey’s photos from Seattle. He’s out there for Microsoft with some other cool folk. He did what I would: arrive, get in the hotel and immediately zip over to see the new main library! Catch all the photos tagged seattlecentrallibrary here:

Searching in Seattle