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The Year of the Digital Citizen

Via the BBC: 2005 was arguably the year citizens really started to do it for themselves. Raising mobiles aloft, they did not just talk and text, they snapped, shared and reported the world around them. Fascinating little article that touches on braodband in the UK, videoblogging, news, and more. Also reminds me of this fellow that snapped his picture with his Treo while the plane he was on was de-pressurizing, and this piece at USA Today about video sharing Web sites.

A Patron’s Perspective On Library 2.0

Via Maison Bisson (Who also wrote about L2 here.) A reprint of an incredible article written by a library user: The University’s Reading and Writing Center is housed in the library, and the planning board for the library has just completed designs for bringing in a coffee shop, similar to Starbuck’s, onto the library’s ground floor. The entire building now is wireless, meaning you can take your laptop into the coffee shop, drink a cup of Joe, and surf the library at UCLA, or the Sorbonne, or Harvard — at least in principle. You can also pop in a DVD […]