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LCLS Weboratory

Chris Deweese shared the URL for his Lewis & Clark Library System “Weboratory” Blog, where he discusses some of the innovative projects he’s coding for his system. I wish every library consortium/system/state library could have a team of coders like Chris. Here’s an route map for deliveries in the LCLS done with the Google maps API. And how about TaBS? TaBS (TAgging, Bookmarking, Sharing) is a bookmarking tool for LCLS members. Using your CLeO account you can create a TaBS profile and then store your bookmarks in TaBS and access them anywhere you have an Internet connection.

Read/Write Library

Luke the Librarian has this to say at The Gordian Knot: To me, Library 2.0 is about crossing that same threshold — from the library as a one-way conversation to the “read-write library”. Luke pulls in the Cluetrain, conversations, the Read/Write web and does a darn fine job expressing his thinking on L2. Thanks Luke! Read more: http://www.gordian-knot.org/index.php/2006/01/06/two-point-oh/

Abram on Social Software

http://stephenslighthouse.sirsi.com/archives/2006/01/social_software.html He asks some questions and ponders some answers: Key questions: 1. What are they doing right? 2. What can we learn from then? 3. What can we copy? 4. What are the best features, functions, etc. Hmmm. I’m no expert but the answers have to be somewhere in: – How they link people of like interests. – How they link people and content. – How the users define their own social networks and the purpose for them. – How one might manage this so that it doesn’t become ‘just dating’. – How they manage profiles. – How they manage […]