Steve Lawson on Library 2.0

Good stuff Steve!

Somewhat against my better judgement, I thought I’d lift my moratorium on “Library 2.0” and try once more to separate signal from noise. What is the “good work” that the hype/controversy/hostility surrounding Library 2.0 might obscure? Here’s what I got so far:

recognizing that patrons have an online life outside the library, and trying to make our online presence more consonant with their experience and expectations;

opening up our data to allow others (other libraries, librarians, programmers, patrons) to use that data in novel ways;

building better, simpler, more usable, more accessible interfaces;

all kinds of librarians (not just “systems” librarians) seizing blogs, wikis, RSS, and other simple web tools to communicate with each other and with our patrons;

viewing our patrons as collaborators in creating community-based content;

challenging vendors to help us with all of the above, and working around them when they don’t.

HOT! Steve, good job pulling out the noise. Can I add these?

Librarians give the library a human face as web services and physical service emphasize people and interactivity

Librarians embrace social tools, and find ways to connect emotionally to their users as they search for information and content that satisfies their needs

Librarians will build beautiful, inspired spaces where folks can gather and explore, experience and collaborate with each other.