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Steve Lawson on Library 2.0

Good stuff Steve! Somewhat against my better judgement, I thought I’d lift my moratorium on “Library 2.0” and try once more to separate signal from noise. What is the “good work” that the hype/controversy/hostility surrounding Library 2.0 might obscure? Here’s what I got so far: recognizing that patrons have an online life outside the library, and trying to make our online presence more consonant with their experience and expectations; opening up our data to allow others (other libraries, librarians, programmers, patrons) to use that data in novel ways; building better, simpler, more usable, more accessible interfaces; all kinds of librarians […]

Give Em What They Want!

Great post at OPL Plus! http://opls.blogspot.com/2006/01/just-give-customer-what-heshe-wants.html That’s just what I’ve been saying. Our customers don’t want books or articles; they don’t even want information. Our customers want answers to their questions, solutions for their problems. If you provide answers and solutions, you’ll thrive. If you don’t….polish up that resume.