Recording with Talis and some Links

While we gear up in the next few minutes to record a podcast with Talis, I’m scanning the Technorati search on Library 2.0. Here are some links:

Ranga 2.0: Unamable ponders what Ranganathan might say about L2. I like to think one principle of L2 is “the Library encourages the heart,” and this bit makes me smile: “1. Content are for use.
Libraries are designed to be used in the physical and digital dimensions, they are not icons or symbols we are in awe of – except in that they should be “cool” “awesome” or “wicked” from the patron’s perspective. We want people to interact with our libraries, bounce around in them, do things, work with us and have fun in the process. We want people to use and interact with our libraries, wake them up, produce things there, be creative, and have fun doing it.

Hope (and Getting Around IT(?!)):Yet I find myself impatient and frustrated by circumstances that mean that we have to find ways of ‘getting round’ our IT people. Any new ideas that are mentioned are greeted with an exclamation of “IT will never let us do that”. I’m tempted to ask why this might be, but I can also a hazzard a few guesses at the answer! Is this just our organisation? Does this happen to anyone else?