Blogging, Libraries and Community

Here’s the good news: I am gathering all my data, presentations and evidence to send to Dr. O’Connor for my “qualifying experience” at UNT. 🙂

Next up: writing the porposal for my dissertation. Here’s a bit from a favorite researcher that is helping my thinking:

Nancy Van House :

Avid topical bloggers see blogging as a transformative technology for building and maintaining an intellectual community, and doing individual and collaborative knowledge work. I’m interested in how blogging may be transforming the work of knowledge communities. Blogging gives us a place to watch how participants cope with the decontextualized world of the internet, and how they evolving practices of knowledge creation and determination of competence and credibility. I am not interested in blogging itself as much as in how it may reveal and transform how knowledge communities do knowledge work, especially in relation to issues of authority and credibility.