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I roared: http://www.laughinglibrarian.com/bd_blogga.htm (Oh No! I watched so many times I have “Blogga Blogga Blake ” in my head now! Curses!) And: Songs for Cheney’s iPod at the SJCPL Blog! http://www.libraryforlife.org/blogs/lifeline/?p=567

Techno Savvy or Not

Two synchronous bits: From the IM survey, which I guess should have included more open ended questions, as noted in some of the comments I’ve received. This is good to know and maybe the next go round, I’ll have more of that open, qualitative type inquiry. I still have 2000+ qualitative replies from the Blog People survey! Anyway: It is cool to open up IM and see exactly who among my colleagues is on it at the time. I must confess I notice that a few of my colleagues set up account but never ever use them, which I think […]