Lose the “No First” Attitude

Chris DeWeese reports on the Diversity Workshop he attended:

Tracie also hit on some very, very library 2.0 topics. Topics that need to be discussed and topics I think that fit in with much of the library 2.0 talk that is not technology related. My favorite: Libraries need to get rid of the “no-first” attitude. Libraries need to stop saying no as their first answer! Want to test your library? Keep a log of how many times your staff tell a patron “no”. I would love to see data from libraries on how much they say no.

How many of these things does your library say NO to:

IM on public computers
Skateboarders visiting the library
Use of PSPs or other new devices
No Cell Phones
No Eating or Drinking

Remember: user-centered decisions and policies can take away the NO!