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The Voice of Public Librarianship

Beyond all of our technobabble in the Biblioblogosphere, which dear friends you know I love, is a voice so pure that I’m more often than not moved by the words. I get chills. This voice shares exactly what it’s like in many public libraries today — working reference and interacting with people. There is absolutely nothing I could have said to her that would have made any difference at that point. Something personal would have been completely inappropriate and unprofessional, not to mention obviously unwanted. In Reference Interview seminars, we are taught to end with, “Does this answer your question? […]

Lose the “No First” Attitude

Chris DeWeese reports on the Diversity Workshop he attended: Tracie also hit on some very, very library 2.0 topics. Topics that need to be discussed and topics I think that fit in with much of the library 2.0 talk that is not technology related. My favorite: Libraries need to get rid of the “no-first” attitude. Libraries need to stop saying no as their first answer! Want to test your library? Keep a log of how many times your staff tell a patron “no”. I would love to see data from libraries on how much they say no. How many of […]