Another L2/Web 2.0 Job Description!

Christine Brown at Waterloo Public Library writes:

I thought you might be interested in reading this job posting for a Librarian 2.0 at the Kingston Frontenac Public Library:

From what I’ve read and observed on my own, I would guess that the use of Web 2.0 technologies in libraries has been embraced more readily in academic libraries. Its great to see that public libraries are recognizing the need.

It is! We can add this to the Next Generation Librarian job at Wayne State and the School Media Specialist 2.0 Jenny reported. It’s intriguing to see what specific job duties are incorporated.

Position Summary:
We are looking for a Librarian 2.0 in preparation for the 2.0 World.

Are you an information specialist with a combined reference and technological orientation who will:

Lead our virtual reference team, implementing transformative technology such as IM, podcasting, and streaming audio/video as well as participate in our traditional reference services
Recommend and implement new and developing technologies such as wikis, blogs, etc.
Contribute to the development of the library’s Web site
Contribute to our virtual services offerings, such as Web 2.0, federated searching, open URL resolver, etc
Provide training and support for other librarians in new technologies
Manage our electronic resources and on-line databases, explore and recommend new on-line resources, and negotiate contracts with consortia and vendors
Collaborate with other librarians to provide community development and outreach, particularly in regard to our virtual services.
Facilitate planning and decision-making, resolve problems, implement projects, improve customer service and ensure the smooth delivery of services

This is a BIG JOB! It’s interesting that all three descriptions — and folks, these are touchstones for me — require the librarian to train others on Web 2.0 technologies. It might be a good idea to get some experience blogging, editing a wiki, IMing and just spend some time reading and playing with social software.

Next up: we’ll see the LIS Educator job that specifies teaching Blogs, RSS, wikis, IM, tagging, folksonomy, bookmarking, etc!