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Another L2/Web 2.0 Job Description!

Christine Brown at Waterloo Public Library writes: I thought you might be interested in reading this job posting for a Librarian 2.0 at the Kingston Frontenac Public Library: http://www.accessola.com/site/showPage.cgi?page=career/graduate/jG0324_kfplL.html From what I’ve read and observed on my own, I would guess that the use of Web 2.0 technologies in libraries has been embraced more readily in academic libraries. Its great to see that public libraries are recognizing the need. It is! We can add this to the Next Generation Librarian job at Wayne State and the School Media Specialist 2.0 Jenny reported. It’s intriguing to see what specific job duties […]

A Mac in Every Library

I’ve had a post like this in the back of my head for weeks now — really since I started messing with Apple’s iLife ’06, an application suite that makes podcasting and video creation a breeze! I wanted to write about what benefits a library would gain by buying a Mac or two (or more) to offer what I’ve been calling “Digital Creation Stations.” While putting together our reading list and outlines with Jenny for the ALA Library 2.0 project, I reread Jessamyn’s Library 2.0: How do you share? and discovered Mathew Dames’ post about just such a thing! So, […]

Preserving Our Rights in the Mashosphere

One are Jenny and I discuss in the Roadshow is content. Generation C, the young folks growing up with the knowl;edge, tools and desire to create, remix and mash up stuff, will figure into future library services in ways we haven’t even pondered yet. Add this piece in to the mix: http://www.webmonkey.com/06/10/index1a.html “Preserving Our Rights in the Mashosphere” by Michael Calore covers some fascinating ground. The driving philosophy behind mashups and other Web 2.0 technologies is that data should be open, exposed, and sharable. This so-called “Right to Remix” doesn’t mean that people should be required to give up their […]