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Branded, ‘Casted and Wiki’ed: Some Good News from Here and There

Lots of interesting Web 2.0 bits in my aggregator this morning, as I prepare to sign on the dotted line for a condominium in Oak Park, Illinois! (I may faint when I sign…) Anyway: Greg Schwartz reports on a library branded podcatcher! This is important on many levels: the library sees the need to use a Web 2.0 tool but also gets the importance of branding the service. Go Lansing PL! I think Illinois Libraries ROCK! http://openstacks.net/os/archives/000929.html Have you branded your L2/Web 2.0 services for your library? Is the wiki/blog/IM presence linked to the linbrary and its online look and […]

10 Reasons to Love Web 2.0 – from a Flickr Dude

Via David King: http://www.davidleeking.com/2006/03/15/10-reasons-to-love-web-20-from-a-flickr-dude/ David writes: These are notes I took while listening to a podcast of Cal Henderson from Flickr, titled “From Web Site to Web Application – Ten Reasons to Love Web 2.0.”, who spoke at “The Future of Web Apps” conference. You can find it (and a lot of others) on the Carson Workshops/Summit website. Cal’s definition of web 2.0: “Web 2.0 is a name for a bunch of new web-based applications.” Simple enough… There’s a lot of good stuff here. Take a look!