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David Warlick on Conference 2.0

http://davidwarlick.com/2cents/2006/03/27/conference-20-ten-tips-for-extending-your-education-conference/ There’s loads of great conference posts and round ups from both CIL2006 and PLA2006, which are also the official tags! Take a moment in reading those to swing by Warlick’s piece on “Conference 2.0.” CIL certainly had many of those points covered, as did PLA. But there are some good ones to think about as well. Thought for next time? A podcast booth or quiet area where podcasters could stage a discussion, conference debrief, or just get some recording done.

Librarian: How Do You IM? A TTW Survey

I think IM in my public library is an example of the generation gap between staff members. We do not allow patrons to IM on library computers, and staff are not supposed to IM, either. However, many of the young professionals do have one or more IM programs downloaded onto their computers (inclduing the IT department), and we use IM at work. The staff that uses IM are more likely to want the IM and games ban dropped on public computers and want to start reference IM, a library blog, etc. So I see a direct correlation between librarians/library staff […]