Welcome Rachel to the Biblioblogosphere!

The Liminal Librarian

Rachel Singer Gordon, most cool library author and my writing partner for Computers in Libraries’ “Tech Tips for Every Librarian,” has started a blog! Take a look and add her to your aggregator!

I am very happy she is adding her voiuce to the collective voice of the biblioblogosphere! I look forward to her insight and thoughts! She’s definitely a “cool kid” in my book.

The Liminal Librarian

Rachel writes:

I’m mindful of the temptation to start a blog, then all but abandon it for lack of time, energy, or “something to say” — one reason I’ve held off this long. I’m not likely to post every day, but I’m not planning on going away anytime soon.

So what’s this “liminal librarian” bit about, anyway?

I wrote a column on “The Bridge Generation” for Library Journal a few months back, talking about the ways in which GenX librarians sometimes feel “in between” the larger and more vocal Boomer and Millennial generations. Well, I have a lot more to say about being a bridge, about being in between, than can successfully be conveyed in a single page.

This blog will be devoted to the “in between” — about avoiding the temptation to view hot button issues in black-and-white, about thinking about whether I can still call myself a librarian, even though I’m no longer working in a library, about generational issues and Library 2.0 issues and about our profession itself as being in a liminal state.