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Via the Social Software Blog: I.M. Generation Is Changing the Way Business Talks Banks, insurance companies and other old-school businesses are using instant messaging to communicate with customers and quickly route queries, all within seconds. In the not-so-distant past, e-mail was considered state of the art, and responding within 24 […]


UPDATE: What a great time that was! Thanks to all at OPAL!! Here’s the presentation. Here are some extra links as resources: Cluetrain Netvibes Open Source Software at TechEssence ALA on DRM & DRM Guide for Librarians Librarians Who IM Future of Music Using Bloglines! The Internet is Entering its […]

More Useful Links for the OPAL Talk

From the Dead Tech Panel and via “What I Learned Today:” We have to be Digital read/write participants We have to learn with others We have to be facilitators for relationships We need to have our intercultural antennae up – not everyone is from your default point of view We […]

Darlene Fichter’s Survival Tips for a 2.0 World

http://librarygarden.blogspot.com/ I am enjoying Library Garden… I like the tone, the focus and the information. Give it a try, especially this post: Use Your Good Judgement Think about that for a minute. One rule, “use your good judgment” (note, they don’t say “best judgment”; they give employees credit for having […]

Running through the Garden