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Michael’s Facebook

Via LibraryGarden: As a librarian and professor, I joined Facebook last year when I found out that the students in my public speaking class were communicating with each other via that tool, instead of our university’s email system. It was amazing how much more open and willing the students were to sharing information about each other and their individual and group projects in our class, via Facebook. They were thrilled that I was willing to join Facebook, and they loved that I used it to find out and celebrate their birthdays, for instance, as they came up during the semester. […]

YA Librarian Blog

Via OPL Plus: http://yalibrarian.com/ About This Blog: This Blog is updated by two librarians who work with teens. It includes viewpoints about serving teens, as well as day-to-day commentary on what the librarians are learning and experiencing. Good stuff! This blog will be useful to many librarians working and planning with teens, who might want to add it to their aggregator!

Libraries Using Multiple Weblogs

From comment on the OPAL Links post: Did you mention something about individual library branches having their own blogs? Do you know of any library systems doing this right now? This question came up at PLA as well. Can you, readers, help me out? Is anyone using multiple blogs for each branch library or department? I like the idea especially if aggregated into a central page. It would certainly be something to explore. Please comment, e-mail me at mstephens7 (at) mac.com or IM me at mstephens7mac.