Library Director: Are you ready to go there?

Deep in my research proposal this morning at the Mishawaka Panera Bread, Blyberg’s statement resonates with me while writing about the social purpose of Library Weblogs:

Early in the website design process, we made the decision that blogs would constitute the nucleus of our dynamic website content. In addition, we wanted to enable commenting on those blogs. We really had no idea what kind of response we would get–of what form that response would take. Just a brief look at our Director’s Blog will illuminate the fact that the blogs promote a constant two-way dialogue between our director, Josie Parker, and the public. Of course, making this succesful requires a director who is courageous enough to regularly face the public head-on. But if you’re not ready to go there, be sure to take a look at some of AADL’s other blogs that are staffed by some very clued-in, bright minds. Virtually every material type garners it’s own blog. New blog entries are added several times a day. Often, blog entries serve to promote what, otherwise, may be obscured by the bigger names. In essense, blogging your material taps into the long tail by putting oft-overlooked titles in front of eyeballs.