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The Goblin on L2

Library 2.0 isn’t really about Ajax or RSS feeds or open APIs. Those are just emblematic of what Library 2.0 really is: a DIY aesthetic and a manic demand to constantly change our libraries and our selves. Read more at: http://www.goblin-cartoons.com/library/mt-archives/2006_04.html#000657

TTW Comments Feed!

Steve Lawson, author of See Also, RULES the SCHOOL today! Subscribe to TTW Comments Steve emailed: To get this to work, go to Templates, and create a new index template. I named mine “RSS 2.0 Comments” and gave it the filename “comments.xml”. Cut and paste the code below. Save and rebuild and see what show up at https://tametheweb.com/comments.xml If it looks OK-ish, let me know and I’ll subscribe and see how it looks in my aggregator. -Steve Steve included the code and I followed his directions and BOOM! comments! Thanks Steve!