Making IT Simple

Posting from the incredible Texas Library association conference, which I’ll write about soon, but here’s a comment about the NJLA post that must be brought up top. Thanks Sophie!

Michael, wow! And thanks for blogging a photo from NJLA’s photostream!

The NJ Library Association is now blogging, and to kick off the blog’s unveiling, we blogged this week’s annual conference. Actually, conference blogging is continuing for the next week.

We have 4 constant bloggers and 4 event bloggers. (I’m the blog manager.) Podcasting at the conference was a huge, huge hit — over 50 people recorded podcasts on Tuesday, and I think at least 30 people recorded podcasts on Wednesday. You can grab the feed here.

The podcasting booth was a collaborative effort by everyone active in the IT Section, but massive props must be given to Jessica Unger, Sara Hansen, Amy Kearns, and John Iliff, who did the vast bulk of the organizing. They also created excellent “what’s podcasting” documentation, which helped tremendously to make the learning curve less steep and to demystify a jargony buzzword.

The IT Section’s motto is “Making IT Simple”, and they succeeded admirably!

Sophie Brookover

Many takeaways from this post and what NJLA is doing: incorporating web 2.0 technologies into the association meeting, collaboration, the IT section’s motto, demystification of buzzwords, and conference blogging. Hey Sophie and crew…tell us how it goes, ok?