Tech Deficit

Before I head out for Texas, one more link:

Blyberg blows me away yet again with a well-reasoned essay about libraries that are “tech-depressed.” Give it a read! One of my favorite bits (of many!):

Long-term planning

I was interested to hear from one individual at Library Camp who was in the middle of a strategic planning initiative. I was thrilled by the fact that she had come to the event as a way to help her hash out some of the ideas she and her institution were working with as they plugged away at their planning. Radical new ideas are the cornerstone of long-term planning. A willingness to change and adapt to technology is another, so when it comes time to map out the next ten years of library service, there should be a recognition that technology is playing an ever increasing role in our institutions, as well as a commitment to ensuring a place for it on the mantle of public service.