Think Technology Group Play

My earlier posts point out the observation that companies that have successfully adopted disruptive technologies did so only when they created a separate organization to deal with the technology. The idea of a group within the library being organized and responsible for investigating emerging and disruptive technology issues fits into the pattern of companies that successfully managed their innovation.

The goal of this organization should be to play around with technology and to participate in rapid prototyping, not to create anything practical or plan for implementation. The focus should be on learning and discovery, not action.

Think technology group play.

Great post from Eric Schnell. He really proposes some great ideas and outlines steps for an emerging technlogy play group! I would recommend this to libraries that feel they have fallen behind from being on the cutting edge or need to ramp up their innovation with technology. My favorite part? Send the Devil’s Advocate packing for play time:

Not only should devil’s advocacy not be a played during the group’s play time, they actually need to operate independently and outside a library’s standard processes and procedures!