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On Innovative’s Lack of Innovation

Fascinating reading at “What I learned Today…” http://www.web2learning.net/archives/332 This was posted on our Intranet by our head of Technical Services: This year during the ILUG @ AALL (July 2006). There will be discussion on the State of the Innovative System. I would like to get your thoughts and present them during this discussion. Things that will be discussed are: How has Millennium worked in your institution? What has it helped? What problems has it raised? Where does the Innovative system fit into the IT environment of your institution? … From the standpoint of you and your institution, where do you […]

From Creating Passionate Users

http://headrush.typepad.com/creating_passionate_users/2006/05/which_users_lif.html Who in your company gets the emails/stories from your users? Too often the good stories are routed to PR/Marketing (the success stories that make for good testimonials) while the rest of us (programmers, customer service, etc.) get all the complaint emails. Yes, we like hearing about how great our product is, especially when we did the work. But it’s the stories about how the company/product/service/cause has changed someone’s life–that matter to those of us doing the actual work. And sometimes the way a user’s life is changed is not at all what we’d expect. Let me tell you a […]

Think Technology Group Play

http://ericschnell.blogspot.com/2006/04/library-staff-and-technology-buy-in.html My earlier posts point out the observation that companies that have successfully adopted disruptive technologies did so only when they created a separate organization to deal with the technology. The idea of a group within the library being organized and responsible for investigating emerging and disruptive technology issues fits into the pattern of companies that successfully managed their innovation. The goal of this organization should be to play around with technology and to participate in rapid prototyping, not to create anything practical or plan for implementation. The focus should be on learning and discovery, not action. Think technology group […]