Read the Library 2.0 Manifesto

So much of the content over at the ALAL2 Blogs is incredible! Peter Bromberg blew me away today with his L2 Manifesto. He cross-posted at LG. Go here:

I zipped over to the wiki Peter put up and added these about the human voice and PR speak:

Conversations flourish when participants use a human voice.
Organizations need to learn to speak in a human voice.
To speak in a human voice, organizations need to share the concerns of their communities.*
Corporations can play too, but had better understand the conversation.
We can tell corporate speak and PR mumbo jumbo a mile away.
Let’s talk and learn from each other.

*Taken directly from one of my favorite theses in the Manifesto: #34: To speak with a human voice, companies must share the concerns of their communities.