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Congrats AADL!

http://www.aadl.org/node/2086 Launched on July 1, 2005, the new aadl.org has been selected by the American Library Association as the best library website in the nation for libraries with budgets of $6,000,000.00+. Skidmore Studio located in Royal Oak, MI worked with seven members of the AADL staff for five months in 2005 to determine the site goals, conduct usability studies with the public, determine a new site logo, and to develop simple administrative tools for maintenance. We wanted our site to be functional for all levels of computer proficiency, and we wanted to use interactive tools to facilitate communication with our […]

Comparison of Traditional & Web 2.0 Based Instructional Design

Louise Gruenberg posts a thoughtful look at instructional design in a 2.0 climate: http://louisegruenberg.alablog.org/blog/_archives/2006/6/3/2004307.html Let’s call it Archimedes’ (educational) law: Whether immersion in learning is in-person synchronous or online asynchronous, interaction supports engagement, and engagement eventually leads to learning. Eureka! And now for Gruenberg’s corollary: Instructors who do not engage learners interactively in person will not be able to do any better with advanced technology.

PayPal Mobile at the Circ Desk

Via an e-mail from Kate the Hoosier Librarian: I just signed up for PayPal Mobile, so then I was thinking, what is this good for? Here’s an idea: Your library has a PayPal account, a patron needs to check out materials, but has something he needs to pay. He doesn’t have enough cash on him, you don’t take credit/debit cards, and he doesn’t have his check book. He whips out his phone, PayPals you the money via text message, you instantly receive a confirmation email, the fine is paid, he gets his stuff and goes away happy. How awesome would […]

2.0 Job at Ebsco

Via Brian Gray at ALA L2: http://briangray.alablog.org/blog/_archives/2006/6/4/2005520.html http://careers.epnet.com/info.php?id=513 The basic function of the Wiki Analyst is to monitor information creation on TWiki, EP’s web-based collaboration platform. The ideal candidate will be responsible for tracking wiki usage, guiding and shaping it’s organization, and helping EP to get the most out of this powerful tool. Develop best practices. Other responsiblities include training and educating users, monitoring projects and activity, and linking content for maximum usefulness.