Daily Archives: June 6, 2006

http://www.aadl.org/node/2086 Launched on July 1, 2005, the new aadl.org has been selected by the American Library Association as the best library website in the nation for libraries with budgets of $6,000,000.00+. Skidmore Studio located in Royal Oak, MI worked with seven members of the AADL staff for five months in […]

Congrats AADL!

Louise Gruenberg posts a thoughtful look at instructional design in a 2.0 climate: http://louisegruenberg.alablog.org/blog/_archives/2006/6/3/2004307.html Let’s call it Archimedes’ (educational) law: Whether immersion in learning is in-person synchronous or online asynchronous, interaction supports engagement, and engagement eventually leads to learning. Eureka! And now for Gruenberg’s corollary: Instructors who do not engage […]

Comparison of Traditional & Web 2.0 Based Instructional Design

Via Brian Gray at ALA L2: http://briangray.alablog.org/blog/_archives/2006/6/4/2005520.html http://careers.epnet.com/info.php?id=513 The basic function of the Wiki Analyst is to monitor information creation on TWiki, EP’s web-based collaboration platform. The ideal candidate will be responsible for tracking wiki usage, guiding and shaping it’s organization, and helping EP to get the most out of […]

2.0 Job at Ebsco