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I owe a mountain of inspiration to Karen Schneider for this one! I’m working on the syllabus for my section of LIS701: Introduction to Library and Information Science for this Fall at Dominican. We’re using Rubin’s Foundations of Library and Information Science from Neal-Schuman and I’m adding a reading of […]

Ten Rules for the New Librarians There ‘s so much here about the power and future of RSS, I’ll just quote the end: RSS is the foundation of almost everything Web 2.0 – isn’t it? It’s what makes blog readership scalable, podcasts subscribable, wiki changes watchable and so much more. If Newsgatgor can succeed in […]

Tech Crunch on the Future of RSS The Ubiquitous Librarian points out that some students identify the library as the “place where fun comes to die” via Facebook. The wonderful thing is he doesn’t cluck and hurumph, he prposes turning such things around: It could be interesting to surprise a group like this one day with […]

Where Fun goes…to Die Not specifically a 2.0 job, but it does requiere some open source and coding know-how: “Ideal candidate must have at least 4 years experience in technology planning, consulting/training, and implementation; experience with Open Source software and applications, various computing platforms and networking protocols; knowledge of Web development tools and […]

Tech Planning and Implementation Job at PALINET

Libraryman weighs in again in is ongoing discussion of netflix. I really believe this is something to pay close attention to, and Libraryman backs up his thoughts with some fascinating data. Do you read WIRED? You should! “Why compete with Netflix?” With the thought that ultimately this really is […]

Why Compete with Netflix?

Friday, July 14, 2006. Emerging Technologies in Libraries, Mississippi State University Libraries E-journal Continuing Education Workshop, Mississippi State University, MS. Tuesday, July 18, 2006. “Conversation, Community, Connections, and Collaboration: Practical, New Technologies for User-centered Services” Social Software & Libraries Workshop with Jenny Levine. Princeton Public Library, Princeton, NJ. Thanks Library […]

Upcoming Presentations

Via the Social Customer Manifesto: An insightful, spot on piece about Generation C (that’s for content folks!) and an open announcement to big media to pay attention! The people formerly known as the audience are those who were on the receiving end of a media system that ran one […]

The People Formerly Known as the Audience

From the NOLA Times Picayune, via my friend and colleague Linda who attended the conference: A friend of mine passed on to me a story from the Windsor Court Hotel, where, one night, a group of drunken librarians raced up and down the hallways in a juvenile thrall in […]

And the librarians shall lead them…. Update: Michelle points out they’ve linked from their front page to Flickr! Is this the first instance we’ve seen of this? I think it just may be. Update 2: Oops! Aaron Schmidt informs me that the Thomas Ford Library pages has had a “pictures” link that takes folks to […]

Rock On Westmont PL & Flickr! (Updated!)