iPods @ SJCPL

Julie Hill, my friend and colleague from SJCPL, announces the new SJCPL iPod program!!!! I am so happy to see this fly!! Here’s a post she sent me for staff:

Books on iPod: Yours our Ours

The library will begin offering downloadable audiobooks on iPods beginning Fall 2006! Bring in your own iPod or check out one of the library-owned iPods. We’ll download bestselling audiobook titles from the iTunes Music Store for use on your MP3 player, laptop, or in your car.

Want to know more? Contact the Sights & Sounds department at the Main Library at 282-4608 or IM us: asksjcplav.

Since this is a new format and a new service many questions will arise. Please jot down these questions and email them to me. I plan to have regular (bi-weekly) postings to the Staff Intranet adressing these questions (hopefully).

Here are some questions & answers you may have already:

1.What type of iPod will you circulate? The iPod Nano (1GB).
2.Will children and teen titles be available for downloading? Not at this time. Only adult titles.
3.Age limits? 18 and over
4.Will this service be available at the branches? Not at this time. This is a pilot project that will start at the Main library.
5.Where do I check out the iPods? At the Sights & Sounds Reference desk of the Main library.
6.Why iPods? Why not other MP3 players? We chose iPods based on their popularity and large market share. Currently 85% of MP3 players sold are iPods.
7.What size of a collection will you start with? Our opening day collection will have 200 titles to choose from.
8.When will this service start? We hope to roll it out the week after Labor Day.
9.How many iPods will the library circulate? 30.
10. How long does it take to download a title? A couple of minutes or less!