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iPods @ SJCPL

iPods @ SJCPL Originally uploaded by St. Joseph County Public Library. Julie Hill, my friend and colleague from SJCPL, announces the new SJCPL iPod program!!!! I am so happy to see this fly!! Here’s a post she sent me for staff: Books on iPod: Yours our Ours The library will begin offering downloadable audiobooks on iPods beginning Fall 2006! Bring in your own iPod or check out one of the library-owned iPods. We’ll download bestselling audiobook titles from the iTunes Music Store for use on your MP3 player, laptop, or in your car. Want to know more? Contact the Sights […]

“We’ll have Second Lunch”

Check out Steve Lawson’s “A biblioblogger visits the local branch library” http://library.coloradocollege.edu/steve/archives/2006/06/a_biblioblogger.html My favorite bit? BRANCH LIBRARIAN: We do have some online innovations here. We allow patrons to pay fines online via PayPal. BIBLIOBLOGGER: You still have fines? I’m sorry, my friend, but the Cluetrain is about to pull into the station, and you are looking like Anna Karenina, if you get my drift. BRANCH LIBRARIAN: Ah! A literary allusion! Yes, I understand perfectly, though I’m not flattered. BIBLIOBLOGGER: Hey, don’t take offense. Tell you what, I’m doing a thing in Second Life tomorrow called Exhuming the Paleolibrary that is […]