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Attention Innovative: Get a Clue(train)!

I’ve been telling the librarians I’ve been speaking with to read the Cluetrain Manifesto and apply it to library services. Networked conversations are changing business, and I honestly believe, changing libraries. Look at the incredible discussion, conversation and kerfuffle around the ALA L2 course! Into my aggregator comes Casey Bisson’s post about Nicole’s post entitled “Touched a Nerve.” Seems a staffer from iii was displeased with her blog post about the ILS… Here’s what I might say, quoting the Cluetrain: Markets are conversations! Here’s what your some of your market is saying: In the meantime, I tell people not to […]

Way to Go Jenny! (or SLA hearts RSS!)

“This course was so popular, we had to move to a larger room, and there still weren’t enough seats.” So cool to see reports from Jenny Levine’s RSS presentation yesterday at SLA in Baltimore! This morning I’m writing my acknowledgements for my forthcoming Library Technology Report and I realized how much she has inspired me and countless other librarians, including the 50 folks in the ALA library 2.0 Exploration! Yes, we’ve done over 28 presentations so far this year, together or apart, and I wouldn’t have missed a single minute! Well Done Jenny! Thank you! Update: More coverage from the […]