Rachel Singer Gordon on Library 2.0

My writing partner for CIL explains her take on L2 at het blog:

This is partially because I believe Library 2.0 is best tackled by people currently working in libraries, which I am not. But my experiences working in public libraries (and hearing about other people’s experiences) make me believe in Library 2.0 as a positive unifying force. I believe we need something to hitch our wagon to, and I’m happy hooking mine up here. The main arguments I have seen against Library 2.0 are that “2.0” is too much of a buzzword or that Library 2.0 contains some existing concepts. Both of these seem to me to be beside the point. I see Library 2.0 as the Gorman antidote, galvanizing us to work towards something rather than just to come out against something.

The “Gorman antidote” thing is nice. I hadn’t thought of that angle before. Thanks Rachel!