Have You Added Your LIS Weblog to Amanda’s Wiki?

LIS Weblogs at Blog Without a Library

I’m working on my research proposal for my dissertation and after many permutations, I’m focusing on public library Weblogs and their social function. Currently, I’m trying to get a grip on the methodology section and I contacted Amanda Etches Johnson, Biblioblogger, speaker and academic librarian at McMaster, about using her wiki as one of the sources to gather PL Weblogs for content analysis. Amanda reported the numbers above to me and gave me permission to blog them. Thanks Amanada!

I note last April she reported on the “state of the biblioblogosphere” –maybe it’s time to do that again, eh Amanda? But first — if you have a library Weblog, please add it to the wiki!! I would love to see the numbers go up!

I am also fascinated by the fact academic libraries and public libraries are almost neck and neck. Let’s see what happens with the next wave of submissions. (Note that Amanda informed me her numbers were grabbed “quickly” and they are approximations!)