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TTW Mailbox: IM Reference in Smaller Libraries

A question to Rachel and I about my FASTER IM piece in CIL: Hello Rachel and Michael, Thanks a lot for the fine IM FASTER article. If you have a second, I’d like to ask one question. You state, “Your work flow won’t suffer at all if you incorporate an IM application on one of your reference area computers; IM simply becomes part of the reference staff duties… The AskSJCPL service is staffed by the same librarians who work the telephone and public reference desk.” You refer to computers and librarians, plural. The majority of the time our reference desk […]

Peter Bromberg & Michael Stephens

Pete and Michael Originally uploaded by South Jersey Regional Library Cooperative. SJRLC Blog & RSS Workshops Peter really blew me away with his work on the ALA l2 course! Remember the L2 Manifesto? Today I go to work with Peter, who is an incredible trainer, writer and library thinker in his own right, and a group of 40 or so librarians from South Jersey! What an incredible time!

The Age of User-Created Content

Good morning from Princeton, New Jersey! Jenny Levine and I are here to present the Roadshow at Princeton Public Library! “Conversation, Community, Connections, and Collaboration: Practical, New Technologies for User-centered Services” our Social Software & Libraries Workshop features some time devoted to user-created content. How cool is it then that in today’s USA Today, there’s an article devoted to YouTube: But fame on YouTube doesn’t necessarily mean big bucks or a career in the movies. For many fledgling stars, it’s about recognition from peers, having a top video, maybe being noticed walking down the street. In other words, people, […]

NASIG Electronic Journals Continuing Education Workshop

Greetings from Mississippi State University! I’m listening to T. Scott Plutchak, Director, Lister Hill Library of the Health Sciences, University of Alabama at Birmingham, open the program with his keynote. I’m here to talk about social tools and such. It’s been a whirlwind visit to Mississippi but it’s been great! Dinner last night was filled with great conversation, including T. Scott and I discussing trust in libraries. Read his thoughts here.

Attention Librarians: Do You have Firefox Installed?

Via Tech Crunch: There are some surprising country-by-country statistics included in the report as well. Firefox usage in the U.S. stands at 16%. Australia, 24%. And in Germany Firefox commands a whopping 39% market share. Even at just 16%, I think we’d be remiss if we didn’t offer Firefox on public/student/client access computers as well as other popular browsers. The Germans may be on to something! These numbers can only grow!