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Zephyr Innovation Blog I’ve been lucky to spend some time working and talking with Kathryn Deiss, who just took an incredible position with ACRL. I’ve learned from her, been inspired by her and look forward to future collaborations! And — she’s started a blog! From her about me page: I have a deep belief in human creativity and our ability to innovate. For 16 years I have been facilitating learning for librarians, libraries, and other non-profit agencies. Sometimes this has been individual learning (workshops, institutes, etc.) and sometimes it has been organizational learning where larger groups are learning together. In almost every […]

Waterloo PL Flickrs On their Web Page I talk about WPL a lot because they are doing some cool stuff… Take a look at the Flickr section of their front page. It links to their collection of sets. This not only allows the librarians to organize, tag and receive comments on their photos, but it also educates users: this might be some folks first experience with Flickr. It’s a Web-based teaching moment! Other experienced Flickr folks might click through and add WPL as a contact. In fact, maybe the next step is a link in that box something like this: Add the Waterloo Public Library to […]

Overheard at SJCPL

Patron to AV Librarian on learning the library would soon be checking out iPods: “Get out! You mean I can check out an iPod from the library? I don’t have to spend $150 myself to get one? Great, now I can spend that money on something else. I’m getting a manicure, a pedicure….”

SJCPL LIbrarian on the Long Tail

Joe Sipocz, my SJCPL colleague, just got back from ALA. He posts to the Lifeline about the Long Tail: We’re in the era of unlimited consumer choice, which has extended this long tail. Anderson predicts that our children will never know what the phrase ‘out of print’ means. All of this also explains why our public often asks us for books that we don’t own.