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Regarding Trust

http://www.socialcustomer.com/2006/08/the_one_where_j.html Most cool post at the Social Customer Manifesto — including this bit that I couldn’t have said better myself: What does this mean? This means that now, organizations now have these social tools to put the humanity back into business to solve the trust problem. In other words, the organizations that will win are the ones that most easily enable customers to build relationships and communities with people they trust.

Digital libraries Ala carte: Where Our Users Are: Instant Messaging for Libraries

In just a couple of weeks, Jenny Levine and I head to The Netherlands for the Tilburg Innovation Centre for Electronic Resources institute!Here’s some info for participants in my session: Where Our Users Are: Instant Messaging for Libraries – Michael Stephens (Module 2: Hands-on: Library 2.0 Technologies to Reach out to the Customer) This workshop explores and explains instant messaging in the library setting, including software, training and policy. Ample hands on exercises will give participants a true feel of what launching an IM Reference service at their libraries involves. We’ll discuss implementation strategies, best practices and the possible pitfalls […]